Drum Kit Tuition & Freelance Musician

The Tama Superstar kit in all it’s glory!

The Tama Superstar kit in all it’s glory!


I like to keep lessons laid back, but tailored to the direction the student chooses, whether that be a new style, technique or a favourite song with a funky drum rhythm. I also teach the Trinity College London Grades, as they were the grades I was put through by my original tutor (and they served me very well in making progress on the kit). In the almost 5 years I have been teaching, I have a 100% pass rate for the grades and continue to encourage students to aim for the highest mark possible (if they choose to exam).  Lessons can go at whatever pace the student desires, some have weekly lessons whilst others prefer once a fortnight as everyone has differing levels of time available for practice and various commitments


Sonny - 13 yrs: Preparing for his Grade 4 Exam

(He scored 94/100!!)

The Studio

I teach mostly from my home studio/teaching room, but do travel out to some lessons too. The advantage of teaching in the studio is having the two kits set up next to each other, so it’s very easy to demonstrate and play pieces without the disruption of getting on and off the same kit. The studio has a speaker set up and sound proofing which allows us to play the grade piece or latest ‘Foo Fighter’s’ track they may be learning, at a good volume and not worry about the noise levels (provided you’re wearing ear protection of course). 

Playing in Bands

I play in a few bands and highly recommend trying to find other musicians to play with if possible, as this is one of music’s greatest joys. Often students come to me with the latest new song their band wants to play so we start by breaking it down into manageable parts and keep it as simple as possible. From there we continue to build on the content and feel of the song until we’re done!

I would also recommend trying to play along to your favourite songs, even if you don’t know exactly what’s being played, you will get a feel for the rhythm and the pulse of the song.